METIS D3.4: Final workshops packages: workshops for different educational levels and education contexts

Brasher, Andrew and McAndrew, Patrick with Chacón J., Christodoulaki, K., Serrano M. A., Asensio, J.l., Dimitriadis Y., Pozzi F., Derntl, M., Persico D. (2015) METIS D3.4: Final workshops packages: workshops for different educational levels and education contexts. European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.


Several decades of research in technology-enhanced learning (TEL) have clearly demonstrated the potential of digital technology to transform education. Yet the impact of TEL research on daily teaching-learning practices is still far from fulfilling this potential. Arguably, this is a gap in the capacity for learning design: educators need the tools and competencies which would allow them to identify educational challenges, describe the context in which they arise, identify the opportunities afforded by technology, project the insights derived from research, and devise new learning experiences. To address this gap, educators need tools and practices. Tools that would support them through the cycle of learning design – from conception to deployment and evaluation of techno-educational innovations. Professional practices that use such tools to ensure the robustness and effectiveness of their innovations and make learning design a daily habit and part of their professional identity. The METIS project ( aims to contribute to this aim, by providing educators with an Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE) (Hernández-Leo, Asensio-Pérez, Derntl, Prieto, & Chacón, 2014; Hernández-Leo et al., 2015) and a workshop package for training educators in using the ILDE to support effective learning design.
Work Package 3, led by the OU (UK), is concerned with the design and development of the workshop package.
This deliverable is the final version of the METIS workshop package. It includes
• a meta-design for METIS workshops that provides a flexible reusable structure so that workshops can be customised to meet different needs ,
• a description of the rationale and pedagogical methodology on which the meta-design is based
• guidance for instantiating the meta-design in different contexts
• example workshop packages based on the meta-design for three different educational sectors.
This document provides educators with a basis for delivering workshops about using the ILDE to support effective learning design. To create and run a workshop suitable for your own context, please proceed in the following way. Firstly, consider the meta-design; then choose one of the example workshop packages closest to your context; finally, use the guidelines to adapt it for your needs.

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