Hate Crime Legislation in Northern Ireland – An Independent Review: Consultation Response

Jurasz, Olga and Barker, Kim (2020). Hate Crime Legislation in Northern Ireland – An Independent Review: Consultation Response. Self published.


We are responding to the Northern Irish Independent Review of Hate Crime consultation in our capacity as experts on social media abuse, online abuse, and online misogyny. We have in the past made significant contributions to UN calls for evidence on online harassment, and to the Bracadale Review on Hate Crime in Scotland, The One Scotland Hate Crime Legislation Review of the Scottish Government, and various UK Parliament inquiries addressing aspects of violence against women, gender-based hate, and online misogyny. In addition, we have made representations to the Scottish Government as to the need to amend legislation to cover a wider range of harassing and abusive behaviours online.

We have recently published a world-leading volume Online Misogyny as a Hate Crime: A Challenge for Legal Regulation (Routledge 2019). We have been working on issues relating to harassment of women and girls in online spaces since 2013. We are possibly your only evidence respondents that have experience of the wider issues surrounding online harassment, and who take a holistic approach to the legal problems posed by such harassment, merging criminal law, gender, human rights, and internet law expertise.

We are only responding to selected questions from our expert perspectives, focussing on:
• Gender as part of the hate crime framework
• online harassment and abuse
• online misogyny
• social media abuse
• online violence against women
• responsibilities of social media platform providers.

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