Technology & Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic

Marston, Hannah and Morgan, Deborah J. (2020). Technology & Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic. International Psychogeriatric Association, 37(2)



Society has witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented change to its daily life, since March 2020. COVID-19 striking at the heart of the world bringing business, education, lifestyle, tourism, and citizen behaviour to a standstill.

This change in various societal, business, education and individual ecosystems is likely to result in a myriad of consequences, some of which will be short-lived, while for others long-lasting. For many citizen​s,​ the new change in behaviour and identifying a new routine has and will continue to be difficult, this too is compounded with additional variables and activities such as home schooling, grocery shopping for vulnerable relatives, friends, and members of the community. For other citizens, categorized as keyworkers, from health practitioners, public sector (e.g. emergency service responders), stakeholders/charity workers who are answering the telephone to those citizens who are the most vulnerable in society; and are offering guidance and advice relating to their concerns will be witnessing at first hand the impact that this pandemic is having on our society.

The aim of this position piece is to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in relation to isolation, social connectedness, and how technology can facilitate positive distractions from the day-to-day routines for citizens during this pandemic.

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