Citizen science as interdisciplinary working

Scanlon, Eileen and Papathoma, Tina (2020). Citizen science as interdisciplinary working. In: Networked Learning Conference, 2020, 18-20 May 2020, Kolding, Denmark.



Citizen science is a growing trend in involving the public in different types of collaboration with scientists. The growth of this activity has consequences for data collection, data analysis and the way in which science is carried out. It also has a potential impact on what, and how, citizen scientists learn about science when engaged in such activities. The purpose of this research is to explore the practices adopted by participants in citizen science projects, and in particular the influence on learning for the participants in these projects which rely on technology to support collaboration.

The growth of citizen science projects is occurring at the same time as a growth of interest in informal learning and both are supported by technology enhanced learning.

To make best use of the rapidly growing area of citizen science in the development of learning, it needs to be studied as a newly developing interdisciplinary area, with the consequence of unravelling the mechanisms by which interdisciplinary collaboration takes place in these settings, and the identification of conditions which encourage or thwart learning.

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