Songs of Resistance

Ledger, Sue and Shufflebotham, Lindy (2006). Songs of Resistance. In: Mitchell, D.; Traustadottir, R.; Chapman, R.; Townson, L; Ingham, N and Ledger, S eds. Exploring Experiences of Advocacy by People with Learning Disabilities Testimonies of Resistance. London: Jessica Kingsley, pp. 68–90.


People who lived in large learning disability institutions developed their own ways of resisting. Some of them did this through songs that they used to make up and sing. Some of the songs were about the nurses and some were about life on the wards or a better life outside. Some of them are funny and some of them are sad. Some show a great deal of anger. The songs were nearly lost because many of the people who lived in the institutions are becoming increasingly frail and dying. People with learning difficulties are no different from other groups of people who have used songs to help them resist.

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