Availability of two-plus-two marriage ceremonies

Pywell, Stephanie (2020). Availability of two-plus-two marriage ceremonies. Law Society Gazette

URL: https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/practice-points/avail...


This article, based on information available on the public-facing websites of 34 local authority areas in England and Wales, describes the variations in the numbers of venues and weekly 'slots' in which couples can marry in a minimal ceremony in a register office. A comparison of this information with data about populations indicates that, in some areas, it would be virtually impossible for a couple to book such a ceremony within a few months of deciding to marry, so they may have to pay for a more elaborate ceremony that they would like. The conclusion is that the Law Commission should recommend minimal wedding ceremonies be made more readily available – at the prescribed cost of £127 – for couples in all areas of England and Wales.

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