Our Charitable Children

Body, A; Lau, E and Josephidou, Joanne (2019). Our Charitable Children. University of Kent; Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.


"Charity is a really big word, a really big deal…because it means so many things and is a way of helping so many people... it’s a very big word" (Girl, aged 7) This report presents qualitative evidence from an in-depth, participative action research project with 150 young children aged 4-8 years old regarding their perceptions and experiences of charity and charitable giving. Most young children positively engage in charitable giving through home, school and their community, however less than 20% are aware of the cause area they are being asked to support, and most have little decision making in their giving. Children’s willingness to give increases when they critically engage in the cause area and are facilitated to lead on giving decisions, coupled by increased and sustained efforts to support cause areas that matter to them.

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