Central Asia and the Iran-Saudi rivalry

Wastnidge, Edward (2020). Central Asia and the Iran-Saudi rivalry. POMEPS Studies, 38

URL: https://pomeps.org/central-asia-and-the-iran-saudi...


The Iran-Saudi rivalry has been one of the key factors influencing the geopolitics of the Middle East in recent years. It has also been felt beyond the region, as both states have sought to enhance their leadership aspirations in certain parts of the wider Muslim world. Though studies on the rivalry have understandably focused on its various manifestations primarily in the Middle East, its impact on other regions, spaces and domains is also worthy of serious consideration. It is through such an exploration of the wider impact that one can observe the core geopolitical character of the rivalry, which runs in contrast to explanations that seek to reduce it to a centuries-old, immutable sectarian conflict.

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