Climate Change - All Change: evaluation of the primary school pilot for architecture

Safford, Kimberly (2020). Climate Change - All Change: evaluation of the primary school pilot for architecture. The Museum of Childhood.


This report describes and evaluates a creative partnership between primary school children and an architectural design team, funded by the V&A Museum of Childhood and the Britta and Jeremy Lloyd Family. Two classes of 9 and 10 year old children worked intensively with an architect to design sustainable primary schools for radically changed environments in the year 2050. In classroom activities, children learned about the causes of climate change, and about sustainable building materials and energy sources, and they imagined new materials and energy sources for the future. The architect’s team elaborated children’s designs in computer models and an immersive display, illustrating the power of young minds to generate creative responses to the climate scenarios they may inherit. Interviews and endline survey data give evidence of impact: children increased their knowledge and understanding of climate science and of sustainable architecture. Outcomes show that young children are keen to be ‘climate literate’ and to develop skills for designing and making. The successful small-scale pilot is the model for a large-scale co-design programme for school children and designers from a range of disciplines.

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