Towards a Cross-article Narrative Comparison of News

Mensio, Martino; Alani, Harith and Willis, Alistair (2020). Towards a Cross-article Narrative Comparison of News. In: Proceedings of the Text2Story’20 Workshop (Campos, Ricardo; Jorge, Alípio; Jatowt, Adam and Bhatia, Sumit eds.), CEUR WS.



In the world of public misinformation, there are many cases where the information is not false or fabricated, but rather has been manipulated using more subtle techniques such as word replacements, selection of details, omissions and argument distortion. These techniques can have the effect of influencing the reader’s frame of mind towards the events reported. We currently lack the necessary tools to uncover such manipulations automatically. In this position paper, we propose an integrated analysis framework and pipeline to identify various narrative signals in news articles; such as structural roles, framing, and subjectivity. By comparing these at the document level and sentence level, it will be possible to highlight differences of narrative techniques used to report the same news events.

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