An electrostatic actuated micro-structure for high-cycle fatigue testing

Polido Gomes, J.; Kowal, J. and Edwards, L. (2005). An electrostatic actuated micro-structure for high-cycle fatigue testing. In: Proceedings of the 2005 SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, 7-9 Jun 2005, Portland, Oregon, USA.



Fatigue failure knowledge of polycrystalline silicon (polysilicon) thin films is crucial for the design of efficient microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Reliability investigations of polysilicon thin films are normally conducted by subjecting a population of micron-scale fracture mechanics specimens to cyclic loading while testing in laboratory air or cvacuum conditions. The present work describes the design of two fully-integrated micromachined fatigue-characterization specimens fabricated for high-cycle fatigue testing of 2-um thick polysilicon thin films. Preliminary results were obtained from tests conducted on a 2-um resonant structure that works at fully reversed, constant amplitude stresses at a frequency of about 46 kHz. The present work permitted the characterization of the motion of the structure and calibration of the imaging system.

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