Geological mapping of Mawrth Vallis, Mars: First look

Wright, Jack; Balme, Matthew; Davis, J. M.; Fawdon, Peter and Rothery, David (2020). Geological mapping of Mawrth Vallis, Mars: First look. In: 2nd British Planetary Sciences Conference, 13-15 Jan 2020, Oxford, p. 130.



[Introduction] Mawrth Vallis (Figure 1) is generally understood to be one of Mars’ catastrophic out-flow channels. It is incised into Noachian (> 3.7 Ga) terrain and is associated with thick (> 150 m) clay deposits [1]. These clays are well-documented [e.g. 1–3], and have made Mawrth Vallis a candidate landing site for multiple rover missions. However, the atypical geomorphology of the channel is less well-studied. In the PLANMAP project, we will produce a geological map of Mawrth Vallis to establish its his-tory of erosion and deposition and relationship with the clays.

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