Action Research - systematic reflective action to improve practice

Lee, Clare and Morrison, Sipho (2019). Action Research - systematic reflective action to improve practice. In: Lee, Clare and Ward-Penny, Robert eds. A Practical Guide to Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School Second Edition. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 116–124.


Throughout your career as a teacher you will encounter issues or problems in your practice which cannot be solved simply or immediately. You might need to find a way to engage certain members of a class, want to apply an idea that you have seen or read about, or aspire to understand something that you have noticed happening in your classroom. As an example, suppose that you notice in your lessons that when your pupils have a chance to discuss the mathematics that they are learning, they seem to enjoy the lesson more. You become curious about this: is it just your perception, or does talking about mathematics really enhance the pupils’ enjoyment of the lesson? Is your observation true for all of the class, or do some pupils not mind one way or the other? Could you investigate this further, and use what you have noticed to enhance your teaching?

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