Mothers' Perceptions of Their Infants

Oates, John and Gervai, Judit (2019). Mothers' Perceptions of Their Infants. Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health, 33(4) pp. 282–300.



A mother's perceptions of her infant are a core component of her working model of attachment. Interview methods of assessing mothers' perceptions of their infants, while providing detailed and rich information, are time-intensive in administration and analysis. Therefore, a questionnaire measure would be of value for research and healthcare practice. A 44-item questionnaire was developed to investigate the axes along which maternal models are organized. It was predicted that two primary axes, warmth and invasiveness, would be identified, and questionnaire data were collected from mothers in Great Britain and Hungary. The predicted axes were confirmed and a 14-item short-form questionnaire, with good psychometric properties, was derived.

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