Selecting and using media in teacher education

Kirkwood, Adrian and Joyner, C. (2002). Selecting and using media in teacher education. In: Robinson, B and Latchem, C eds. Teacher Education through Open and Distance Learning. World review of distance education and open learning series, 3 (3). Routledge/Commonwealth of Learning.



Although the situation varies from country to country and from region to region, media are undoubtedly having an increasing impact on people's lives throughout the world. Technological developments, particularly digitization, are also enabling more people to become media 'producers' and not just media 'consumers'. Media are similarly having an impact on education, including teacher education. Like many of the teachers they train, teacher educators tend to be more familiar and comfortable with the media they experienced as young learners and are wary of the newer technologies. However, it is important that teacher educators understand the potential of the various technologies and media for extending or enhancing teacher education and training and the principles, if not the detailed technicalities, of applying these in specific contexts. Depending on circumstances, teacher trainers will either produce the courseware themselves, or select and adapt existing materials. They will work with internal or external colleagues in multi-disciplinary teams or engage professional producers in developing the media products. Whatever their role and given the rate of technology change, it is important that they not only develop but maintain their knowledge and skills in using media for teacher education. The following chapter discusses these issues and offers some guidance in using media for teacher education.

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