Overview of the SBS 2015 Interactive Track

Gäde, Maria; Hall, Mark Michael; Huurdeman, Hugo; Kamps, Jaap; Koolen, Marijn; Skov, Mette; Toms, Elaine and Walsh, David (2015). Overview of the SBS 2015 Interactive Track. In: CLEF2015 Working Notes, 8-11 Sep 2015, Toulouse, France, CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1391/78-CR.pdf


Users looking for books online are confronted with both professional meta-data and user-generated content. The goal of the Interactive Social Book Search Track was to investigate how users used these two sources of information, when looking for books in a leisure context. To this end participants recruited by four teams performed two different tasks using one of two book-search interfaces. Additionally one of the two interfaces also investigated whether user performance can be improved by providing a user-interface that supports multiple search stages.

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