Generating Paths through Cultural Heritage Collections

Fernando, Samuel; Goodale, Paula; Clough, Paul; Stevenson, Mark; Hall, Mark and Agirre, Eneko (2013). Generating Paths through Cultural Heritage Collections. In: Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Association for Computational Linguistics, Sofia, Bulgaria pp. 1–10.



Cultural heritage collections usually organise sets of items into exhibitions or guided tours. These items are often accompanied by text that describes the theme and topic of the exhibition and provides background context and details of connections with other items. The PATHS project brings the idea of guided tours to digital library collections where a tool to create virtual paths are used to assist with navigation and provide guides on particular subjects and topics. In this paper we characterise and analyse paths of items created by users of our online system. The analysis highlights that most users spend time selecting items relevant to their chosen topic, but few users took time to add background information to the paths. In order to address this, we conducted preliminary investigations to test whether Wikipedia can be used to automatically add background text for sequences of items. In the future we would like to explore the automatic creation of full paths.

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