Elastic transfer and parity dependence of the nucleus-nucleus optical potential

Phuc, Nguyen Tri Toan; Mackintosh, R.S.; Phuc, Nguyen Hoang and Khoa, Dao T. (2019). Elastic transfer and parity dependence of the nucleus-nucleus optical potential. Physical Review C, 100(5), article no. 054615.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.100.054615


Background: A recent coupled-reaction-channel (CRC) study shows that the enhanced oscillation of the elastic 16O + 12C section at backward angles is due mainly to the elastic α transfer or the core exchange. Such a process gives rise to a parity-dependent term in the total elastic S matrix, an indication of the parity dependence of the 16O + 12C optical potential (OP).
Purpose: To explicitly determine the core exchange potential (CEP) induced by the symmetric exchange of the two 12C cores in the elastic sup>16</sup>O + 12C scattering at Elab = 132 and 300 MeV and explore its parity dependence.
Method: S matrix generated by CRC description of the elastic 16O + 12C scattering is used as the input for the inversion calculation to obtain the effective local OP that contains both the Wigner and Majorana terms.
Results: The high-precision inversion results show a strong contribution by the complex Majorana term in the total OP of the 16O + 12C system and thus provide for the first time a direct estimation of the parity-dependent CEP.
Conclusions: The elastic α transfer or exchange of the two 12C cores in the 16O + 12C system gives rise to a complex parity dependence of the total OP. This should be a general feature of the OP for the light heavy-ion systems that contain two identical cores.

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