Phylogenetics and Phylogeography in the Planktonic Diatom Genus Chaetoceros

De Luca, Daniele (2019). Phylogenetics and Phylogeography in the Planktonic Diatom Genus Chaetoceros. PhD thesis The Open University.



The initial aims of this thesis were to assess the systematics of the planktonic diatom genus Chaetoceros and the phylogeographic patterns of selected species in this genus across spatial and temporal scales. As expected in every experiment, some initial ideas have been pursued as they were; others have taken a different route and led to different questions. Consequently, the systematics of Chaetoceros has become a multigene phylogeny and a revision of the classical taxonomic scheme for the family Chaetocerotaceae (Chapter II). Then, the phylogeographic approach, initially meant as a Sanger sequencing of a few genes from specimens collected around the world, turned into the analysis of the C. curvisetus cryptic species complex by using an approach which combines haplotype networks and metabarcoding data (Chapter IV). The mapping of this complex against a temporal metabarcoding dataset (MareChiara, Gulf of Naples, IT) has become a story of concerted evolution and has been extended to different Chaetoceros species and supported by a single strain 18S-V4 high throughput sequencing (Chapter V). Amid these experiments, the potential of metabarcoding data for biological recording was explored and tested in the whole genus Chaetoceros to assess diversity and distribution (Chapter III). Such data were integrated with classical ones from public repositories and literature and used to produce, among the other results, distribution maps of Chaetoceros species.

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