Two spectacularly spiny alluaudias

Walker, Colin (2019). Two spectacularly spiny alluaudias. New Zealand Cactus & Succulent Journal, 72(3) pp. 5–8.


Alluaudia is a genus in the Didiereaceae. Its 6 species are Madagascan endemics occurring in the dry, semi-desert of the south and south-west of the island where they form a dominant component of the spiny forest. Two species are showcased here.
Alluaudia procera is the most widely distributed species forming a tree up to 15 m tall. It is also the most commonly encountered species in cultivation since it is readily propagated from cuttings.
Alluaudia montagnacii is the rarest species of the family known only from its type locality at Itampolo. It is fiercely spiny with densely arranged spines up to 2.5 cm long.
Lemurs are famous for living amongst these fiercely spiny alluaudia-dominated forests.

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