Motherhood, fertility and ambivalence among young prostitutes in Thailand

Montgomery, Heather (2001). Motherhood, fertility and ambivalence among young prostitutes in Thailand. In: Tremayne, Soraya ed. Managing Reproductive Life: Cross Cultural Themes in Sexuality and Fertility. Oxford, UK: Berghahn, pp. 71–84.



About the book: Throughout history human societies have sought to manage their reproductive lives to make them fit in with their social, economic and biological conditions. But the different ways communities regulate their fertility, penetrating every aspect of their social life, are so varied and specific that they are often incomprehensible to outsiders. In this book a group of anthropologists set out to throw new light on the dynamics of human reproduction in the world today, looking at the intricate ways that people manage their reproductive life across different cultures, and highlighting the wider meaning of human reproduction and its impact on social organization. The importance of human agency, ethnic boundaries, the regulation of gender relations, issues of fertility and infertility, the significance of children and motherhood and the problems of two large vulnerable social groups, youth and refugees, are all considered in their broader social contexts.

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