Torus Constraints in ANEPD-CXO245: A Compton-thick AGN with Double-peaked Narrow Lines

Miyaji, Takamitsu; Herrera-Endoqui, Martín; Krumpe, Mirko; Hanzawa, Masaki; Shogaki, Ayano; Matsuura, Shuji; Tanimoto, Atsushi; Ueda, Yoshihiro; Ishigaki, Tsuyoshi; Barrufet, Laia; Brunner, Hermann; Matsuhara, Hideo; Goto, Tomotsugu; Takagi, Toshinobu; Pearson, Chris; Burgarella, Denis; Oi, Nagisa; Malkan, Matthew; Toba, Yoshiki; White, Glenn J. and Hanami, Hitoshi (2019). Torus Constraints in ANEPD-CXO245: A Compton-thick AGN with Double-peaked Narrow Lines. The Astrophysical Journal, 884(1), article no. L10.



We report on the torus constraints of the Compton-thick active galactic nucleus (AGN) with double-peaked optical narrow-line region emission lines, ANEPD-CXO245, at z = 0.449 in the AKARI NEP Deep Field. The unique infrared data on this field, including those from the nine-band photometry over 2–24 μm with the AKARI Infrared Camera, and the X-ray spectrum from Chandra allow us to constrain torus parameters such as the torus optical depth, X-ray absorbing column, torus angular width (σ), and viewing angle (i). We analyze the X-ray spectrum as well as the UV–optical–infrared spectral energy distribution (UOI-SED) with clumpy torus models in X-ray (XCLUMPY) and infrared (CLUMPY), respectively. From our current data, the constraints on σ–i from both X-rays and UOI show that the line of sight crosses the torus as expected for a type 2 AGN. We obtain a small X-ray scattering fraction (<0.1%), which suggests narrow torus openings, giving preference to the bipolar outflow picture of the double-peaked profile. Comparing the optical depth of the torus from the UOI-SED and the absorbing column density NH from the X-ray spectrum, we find that the gas-to-dust ratio is <4 times larger than the Galactic value.

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