Energy and the Military: Leading by Example

Samaras, Constantine; Bazilian, Morgan and Nuttall, William (2019). Energy and the Military: Leading by Example. Yale University USA.



Economic and national security require reliable sources of energy, and militaries lead with innovations that quickly find civilian purposes. Energy plays a role in all facets of war, and innovations boost security, explain Constantine Samaras, Morgan D. Bazilian and William J. Nuttall. Britain had an advantage during World War I after its fleet converted from Welsh coal to foreign oil, increasing speed while minimizing logistical burdens and smoky trails that revealed positions. A century later, the United States relies on portable solar-powered systems to reduce reliance on diesel fuel in Afghanistan and flexible microgrids. The writers conclude, “The world is on the cusp of an energy transition, with dramatically shifting technology priorities.” National security requires developing renewable energy as well as addressing energy efficiency and climate change. – YaleGlobal

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