Clarke, John (2019). Foreword. In: Papanastasiou, Natalie ed. The Politics of Scale in Policy: Scalecraft and Education Governance. Bristol: Policy Press, v-xii.



This book presents a long overdue encounter between policy studies and critical work on questions of scale (from geographers, anthropologists, political sociologists and others). Scale, as Natalie Papanastasiou argues compellingly, is central to the political and intellectual landscape of policy studies. It is present everywhere and almost always taken for granted as the terrain on which policy takes place – whether that be the role of global organisations (such as the World Bank or International Monetary Fund) in shaping policy or the local as the site of policy implementation (where the ‘front line worker’ meets the ‘service user’). Between these two levels is the apparently fixed point of the nation – the place where policy and politics meet, in the offices, corridors, debating chambers and legal drafting departments of the nation-state.

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