Finding place in the conjuncture: A dialogue with Doreen

John, Clarke (2018). Finding place in the conjuncture: A dialogue with Doreen. In: Werner, Marion; Peck, Jamie; Lave, Rebecca and Christophers, Brett eds. Doreen Massey – Critical Dialogues. London: Agenda Publishing, pp. 201–213.



In this chapter I explore a set of persistent questions about the practice of conjunctural analysis concerning the ways in which time and space are constitutive elements of a conjuncture. Although time seems the most obvious, if not foundational, element since the conjuncture is about the ‘present moment’, the spatial dimensions are equally critical, if harder to diagnose. Starting from a simple question – where does the conjuncture take place? – I consider how Doreen Massey’s profoundly relational view of space illuminates the question of the conjuncture by enabling us to think about the condensation of multiple spatial dynamics and relations.

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