The molecular disk surrounding the protostellar binary L1551 IRS5

Fridlund, C. V. M.; Bergman, P.; White, G. J.; Pilbratt, G. L. and Tauber, J. A. (2002). The molecular disk surrounding the protostellar binary L1551 IRS5. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 382(2) pp. 573–582.



The inner three arcminutes surrounding the Class 0/1 binary protostar L1551 IRS5 have been observed using the J=1→0 transitions of the HCO+, H13CO+, 12CO and 13CO molecular species. Since the line core of HCO+ is self reversed over a substantial part of our map, observations of isotopomers such as H13CO+ are required in order to estimate the mass of the molecular gas in the immediate vicinity of IRS5. Our observations demonstrate the presence of a large ( ~ 7000 AU radius) dense, possibly rotating, molecular disk with a mass of a few M oriented perpendicular to the major axis of an extended molecular outflow. The disk is surrounded by an envelope with a radius of ~ 10 000 AU that contains two massive (each ~ 1 M) clumps. One of these features appears to be kinematically disconnected from both the disk and the molecular outflow.

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