Kindertransport Refugees: Discovering our parents’ fate

Jones, Kerry (2019). Kindertransport Refugees: Discovering our parents’ fate. In: Refugees' Experience of Grieving the Dead, 7 Feb 2019, Pall Mall, London.


This paper utilizes accounts and statements from published and unpublished memoirs, and first person account interviews, such as those given by Edith Starobin (Rosenfeld) courtesy of the United states Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and accounts Kindertransport (The Kindertransport to Britain: New Perspectives 2012) and individual memoirs such as Ruth Barnett’s Person of no nationality: a story of loss and recovery. I am not confining these accounts to learning what happen to children’s parents’, some of whom did not learn until the 1980’s what happened to their mother and father. But, also to those experiences of attempted assimilation, of trying to fit in, and of being separated for so long from parents some of whom had survived were later to become strangers to one another.

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