Communication and diversity

Watson, Naomi Anna (2019). Communication and diversity. In: Norman, Kay ed. Communication Skills for Nursing and Healthcare Students. Banbury: Lantern Publishing, pp. 105–123.



[Learning Outcomes]

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
6.1 Recognise diversity and its globalised, localised, social and contextual relevance to your communication practice
6.2 Appreciate the impact of culture, religion, ethnicity, sexuality and other forms of diversity, and the intersectional nature of their effects on patients
6.3 Understand interprofessional and intercultural language barrier dilemmas experienced by some staff and patients
6.4 Have an awareness of your role in advancing communication in diversity in the workplace and the possible impact and implications of unconscious bias
6.5 Support colleagues, peers, patients and service users to develop better skills for communicating effectively by addressing discriminatory practice through diversity championing, and reflective practice.

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