LiteMap Outreach and Usage by Brazilian Universities

Okada, Alexandra and De Liddo, Anna (2018). LiteMap Outreach and Usage by Brazilian Universities. Open University KMI.


LiteMap is a cloud-based application for collaborative and individual knowledge mapping developed by the Knowledge Media Institute team. It was translated to Portuguese by the Colearn Community as part of the European ENGAGE project in Brazil in 2015.

This report analyse data gathered from the COLEARN Community over two years -November 2015 to November 2017. It describes the range of users from Brazil who accessed LiteMap, their interests and expectations for the tools, some issues they have reported when using it and how was solved.

They key outcomes of this report are:
● Growing interest of LiteMap in the postgraduate courses
● Adoption of LiteMap by undergraduates led by a group of lecturers
● Adoption of LiteMap for professional development of teaching staff
● Adoption of Litemap by research communities and PhD students
● Key factors for engaging users with LiteMap from case studies reported by users
● Obstacles faced and recommendations

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