MisinfoMe: Who’s Interacting with Misinformation?

Mensio, Martino and Alani, Harith (2019). MisinfoMe: Who’s Interacting with Misinformation? In: 18th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2019): Posters & Demonstrations, Industry and Outrageous Ideas Tracks, 26-30 Oct 2019, Auckland, New Zeeland, CEUR WS.

URL: https://iswc2019.semanticweb.org


Misinformation is a persistent problem that threaten societies at multiple levels. In spite of the intensified attention given to this problem by scientists, governments, and media, the lack of awareness of how someone has interacted with, or is being exposed to, misinformation remains to be a challenge. This paper describes MisinfoMe; an application that collects ClaimReview annotations and source-level validations from numerous sources, and provides an assessment of a given Twitter account, and the followed accounts, with regards to how much they interact with reliable or unreliable information.

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