Putting Library Assessment Data to Work

Killick, Selena and Wilson, Frankie (2019). Putting Library Assessment Data to Work. London: Facet Publishing.

URL: http://www.facetpublishing.co.uk/title.php?id=3022...


Effective Library Assessment is crucial for a successful academic library. But what do we mean by library assessment and how can it be used to improve the library service? This new book provides a practical guide about how to make effective use of existing sources of information for assessment activities with the aim of improving academic library services.

Putting Library Assessment Data to Work brings together key library assessment methodologies detailing how they can be used to improve an academic library. The book takes common sources of data that academic libraries will already be collecting, and presents simple qualitative and quantitative techniques that can be used to evaluate and assess their services, both in detail and overall. The different assessment methods are presented from a practical perspective with a theoretical grounding, and include case studies to illustrate how the methodologies have successfully been applied.

The book includes coverage of:
- the theoretical framework for assessment, its purpose and the tools and techniques used
- institutional, national and international student surveys and how they can be used to improve library service
- the history and development of standardised library surveys (e.g. LibQUAL+), how they have been used and their impact
- the benefits of in-house library surveys and case studies of where they gave been used
- library statistics, including standardised statistics sets and key performance indicators
- qualitative feedback in the library
- emerging techniques including UX
- taking a holistic approach to library assessment through advocacy and strategic planning.

This book will be essential reading for library and information service managers, administrators, assessment practitioners, educators and policy shapers. It will also be useful for students and researchers interested in library assessment.

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