User Presence in Mobile Environments

Da Bormida, Giorgio and Lefrere, Paul (2003). User Presence in Mobile Environments. In: Riva, G.; Davide, F. and Ijsselsteijn, W.A. eds. Being There: Concepts, effects and measurements of user presence in synthetic environments. Emerging Communication: Studies in New Technologies and Practices in Communication (5). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Ios Press.



Three forms of mobile-supported user presence are discussed, in the context of an international project, MOBIlearn. These are:
(1) ‘anticipatory’ user presence, meaning the kind of presence needed to prepare for a meeting or a visit;
(2) ‘super-real’ presence, meaning ways of increasing one’s sense of participation or one’s apparent level of participation (as perceived by others) during a meeting or a visit, for example, the use of a combination of real and
computer-generated images;
(3) ‘retrospective’ presence, meaning being able to change the apparent nature of one’s presence, and perhaps even the level and nature of one’s participation, after the event.

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