Assessment of Domestic Appliance Noise

Brooks, Jeanette Rosamund (1988). Assessment of Domestic Appliance Noise. PhD thesis The Open University.



The aims of this study were: (i) to identify the factors involved in eliciting a subjective reaction to domestic appliance noise (ii) to identify the noise index (or indices) that correlate highly with a subjective reaction to the noise, and (in) to investigate the contribution of domestic appliance noise to an individual’s daily noise dose. Two series of experimental studies were carried out using several examples of each of five types of domestic appliances. One determined the index values of domestic appliance noise - namely LwA (using ISO 3741), LpA, LpD, Lp, PNL, LAeq,30sec, LAmax and LAZ; the other determined subjective reactions to domestic appliance noise (judgements of noisiness, annoyance, the acceptability of the appliance noise and appraisals of usefulness). The success or failure of the research hypotheses was assessed statistically by analysis of variance, regression analysis, log linear analysis. Hotelling test, bootstrapping, t-test and post-hoc comparisons.

Ratings of annoyance, noisiness and the acceptability of the noise of the appliance were found to be interrelated and interdependent, and not influenced by appraisals of usefulness of the appliances. Noisiness ratings were the most consistent of the subjective ratings investigated, and were influenced by the duration of the exposure, and the actual appliance type under investigation.

Significant correlations were obtained between noisiness ratings and all the noise indices under investigation. However, statistical analysis demonstrated that Lwa correlated less successfully with noisiness ratings than all other indices. LAmax, LAeq,30sec, and LAX indices were the most successful. It is therefore suggested that the labelling of domestic appliance noise consist of LwA and LAeq as measured in a standardised test environment. The percentage contribution of domestic appliance noise to the total daily noise dose of an individual was found to vary considerably depending on the sex and occupation of the individual. However, in terms of the daily personal noise exposure of an individual (LEP,d) domestic appliance noise is insignificant.

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