Far infrared studies of the galactic plane

Etxaluze Azkonaga, Mireya (2010). Far infrared studies of the galactic plane. PhD thesis The Open University.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21954/ou.ro.00010074


AKARI is the first Japanese satellite for infrared astronomy. It made an all-sky survey at four wavelengths: 65μm, 90μm, 140μm and 160μm. During my thesis, I have been involved on the development of the pipeline for the calibration of the AKARI diffuse maps, working on the positional error correction and the estimate of the colour correction and the conversion factors. In this thesis, the capability of AKARI for mapping diffuse emission and the achieved reliability of all-sky diffuse map will be shown. The whole Galactic plane mapped by the AKARI at its four infrared wavelengths will be shown on this thesis. All these maps are coming out of the pipeline that we are developing. These diffuse maps present an opportunity to study the mechanisms that trigger massive-star formation, structure and distribution of the star forming regions along the Galactic Plane and the distribution and properties of dust.

Chapters 2, 3 and 4 deal with my work in the calibration, preparation and verification of the AKARI FIS calibration pipeline.

In Chapter 5 we explore the principles related to the gas and dust emission in the Interstellar medium (ISM) especially anomalous emission:
The dust emission at far-infrared wavelengths can be fitted by a modified blackbody curve peaking at ~100 μm. Correlations of this emission at infrared wavelengths with the emission at sub-millimetre wavelengths allow us to study the physical properties of dust. We studied the dust properties in Ophiuchus by correlating the ISO-LWS maps at far-infrared wavelengths with a CBI map at 31 GHz.

In Chapter 6, we reproduce the conditions of the ISM in the Galactic centre by simulations of photoionisation processes:

We used ISO spectra to constrain the physical conditions of the Galactic Centre by reproducing the [01], [OIII], [Nil] and [CII] with MOCASSIN photoionisation code.

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