Creative Thinking in the Early Years of Education

Craft, Anna (2004). Creative Thinking in the Early Years of Education. In: Fryer, Marilyn ed. Creativity and Cultural Diversity. The Creativity Centre Educational Trust, pp. 137–151.



About the book: Creativity thrives on diversity and a plurality of views. Yet, ironically, the most readily available literature on creativity reflects a creativity monoculture, as if there were only one standpoint from which to explore and develop creativity. This is illogical.
The explosion in global communications might suggest an increase in the exchange of views and information about creativity. So far, this doesn't seem to have happened.
The aim of this internationally-authored book is to begin to correct this imbalance. Some if its authors focus solely on creativity in their own country; some demonstrate the influence of different cultural perspectives on how they approach creativity. Others explicitly highlight the differences between Eastern and Western or African and European viewpoints on creativity.

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