Amino hydroxy naphthalene sulphonic acids.

Riley, Norman (1985). Amino hydroxy naphthalene sulphonic acids. BPhil thesis The Open University.



This review of the preparation and possible manufacture of the 84 isomeric Amino Hydroxy Naphthalene Sulphonic Acids, has been written on the basis that it was a very specialised subject made more so, by directly it from a commercial angle. To this end, naming of the compounds, their uses in the dyestuff field, and methods of preparation have been summarised at length to enable the literature survey to be readily meaningful.

The survey has been made not only from available literature, but also from private information available to the Author. These sources have revealed that from 1953 - 1982, of the isomers known, only 40 have been mentioned in the review period, and only 17 with a method of preparation. Information on 8 new isomers was also found, and methods of preparation of 4 of these. Methods of preparation for the other 4 have been suggested.

New methods for the synthesising some of the isomers have been found, and as laboratory methods they have a definite value, but do not appear to the Author to have a potential commercial future and this is confirmed by the absence of further information.

The review has revealed a decline in the use of these compounds, and reasons have been suggested for this downward movement.

Of the five manufactured isomers in 1953, only 3 now appear to be made, and their processes have been changed due to environmental aspects. Methods for the preparation of 20 unknown isomers have been suggested with comments where appropriate, and 5 unknown isomers have been prepared in the laboratory.

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