Investigating Heavy-Ion Internuclear Potentials Using Inversion And Other Methods

Russell, Michael Anthony (2001). Investigating Heavy-Ion Internuclear Potentials Using Inversion And Other Methods. MPhil thesis The Open University.



The interaction of heavy-ion nuclei via the strong nuclear force can be usefully approximated by a mean-held local potential. Such potentials contain much information concerning nuclear structure and the relative importance and radial dependence of the various reaction channels involved in the interaction. Existing methods of fitting optical potentials to scattering cross-sections, both model-dependent and -independent, have various problems. Phenomenology based on S-matrix fitting followed by iterative-perturbative (IP) inversion enables us to obtain fits to the cross-section with X2/N ~ 1. The calculations in this thesis represent an exploration of the viability of the IP method applied to heavy-ion scattering.

There are two parts to the thesis. The first uses the IP method to investigate the heavy-ion phenomenological potential, in particular 16O+12C at Elab — 608 MeV and 12C+12C from Elab = 159 to 2400 MeV. The second uses the IP method in conjunction with coupled reaction channels calculations to examine the dynamic polarization potentials which represent the contribution of specific reaction channels to the heavy-ion interaction. This is applied to the case of 16O+62Ni near the Coulomb threshold, specifically to investigate the quadrupole Coulomb DPP, and the fusion cross-section and spin distribution. Both parts of the thesis are therefore linked by a common thread—the use of the IP inversion methodology to understand the heavy-ion interaction at low and intermediate energies.

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