The discourse of advertising. 2nd edition

Cook, Guy (2001). The discourse of advertising. 2nd edition. Interface. London, UK: Routledge.



The Discourse of Advertising explores the language of contemporary advertising. The words of advertisements are not viewed in isolation, but in complex interaction with music and pictures, other texts around them, and the people who make and experience them.
This second edition coniders advertising in the context of current changes in communication. All chapters have been fully revised and updated, and substantial new material has been added. The social functions and aesthetic effects of advertising are comprehensively analysed across a wide range of media, from billboards to email and the Internet. Controversially, advertisements are contrasted and compared with literary texts throughout. The book clearly explains relevant concepts from semiotics, poetics and linguistics. This is a conmprehensive and invaluable reference guide to asll aspects of the language of advertising.

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