The impact of New Labour's educational policy on primary schools

Woods, Peter; Jeffrey, Robert and Troman, Geoff (2001). The impact of New Labour's educational policy on primary schools. In: Fielding, Michael ed. Taking education really seriously: Four years' hard Labour. London, UK: Routledge Falmer, pp. 84–95.



About the book: Michael Fielding looks at what the Labour Government has achieved in the last four years with its policy of 'education, education, education'.
There has been widespread disappointment in New Labour's education policies, which on the whole have not steered too far wide of those put in place by Margaret Thatcher, including issues of marketisation, testing and performativity. Michael Fielding has called on the key policy thinkers in education to offer their opinions on what has happened in education over the first three to four years of the New Labour Government.
Education policy is a controversial subject and with a General Election expected within the next few months, this book will be read widely by people within education, politicians and journalists and by others anxious to get to facts and avoid the spin. The subject matter and the presence of so many high profile educationalists make this an essential read.

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