An outer solar system high ecliptic latitude survey

Ansbro, Eamonn (2015). An outer solar system high ecliptic latitude survey. MPhil thesis The Open University.



A high ecliptic outer Solar System survey has been conducted for Edgeworth Kuiper Belt Objects (EKBOs). The Kingsland survey has probed the high ecliptic regions in the Edgeworth Kuiper belt to 40°. The Kingsland observations detected five bodies with radii between 138 and 600 km, and inclinations between 10.2° and 35°. The Monte Carlo simulations in this analysis used an exponential size distribution model with radius distribution power q, with q ranging from 2.0 to 4.9.and Gaussian inclination distribution with FWHM ranging from 20° to 60°.

The determination of limiting magnitude was derived by a new method that provides an improved methodology for wide-field surveys for faint objects in the outer Solar System. This consisted of continuously recording the seeing conditions of each unique frame, and developing a method to correlate to the seeing. The research also included exploring for another hypothetical planet within the Solar System by testing a number of defined planet candidates, and the development of new procedures for the search for small EKBOs using a specially-developed instrumentation.

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