The Creative school: a framework for success, quality and effectiveness

Jeffrey, Bob and Woods, Peter (2003). The Creative school: a framework for success, quality and effectiveness. London, UK: Routledge.



This book is about a unique school. It is a school that, despite the increasing pressure put upon it by changes in the curriculum and the organisation of education, has managed to successfully maintain the creative values that have won it international and governmental recognition.
Written for teachers and headteachers who want to encourage creativity in their schools and classrooms, the book describes:
the school's culture of holism
its use and appreciation of its grounds and environment for learning
its innovative approaches to curriculum organisation
its appropriation of national initiatives such as the literacy and numeracy hours
its creative teaching and learning through the eyes of observers, teachers, children and parents.
The success of Coombes School shows that it is possible to combine externally imposed prescription with a set of personal beliefs and values - making a real difference to the quality of teaching and learning. This is a truly inspirational read.

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