Aloidendron barberae

Walker, Colin; Smith, G.F.; Figueiredo, E.; Klopper, R.R.; Crouch, N.R. and Condy, Gillian (2019). Aloidendron barberae. Flowering Plants of Africa, 66 pp. 8–21.


Aloidendron is a very small genus of seven tree aloes in the family Asphodelaceae, described as recently as 2013, ranging from South Africa to Mozambique, with a large disjunction to Somalia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
Aloidendron barberae is recorded from South Africa, Swaziland and southern Mozambique. However, the records for Mozambique are queried here and it is suggested that these actually relate to its closest relative, Aloidendron tongaense, a smaller tree only 4-8 m tall, which may be endemic to Mozambique.
Aloidendron barberae is the largest alooid, growing to 20 m tall and is copiously dichotomously branched. Its taxonomic and nomenclatural history are outlined. Its habitat, natural distribution, ecology and cultivation are discussed, accompanied by a full description and reproduction of a specially commissioned watercolour painting.

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