Workshop: The IoC Accreditation Standard

Bowers, David (2019). Workshop: The IoC Accreditation Standard. In: Institute of Coding Conference 2019, 10-13 Mar 2019, Manchester.



The Institute of Coding (IoC) offers an opportunity to do something radical. It is aimed at bridging the IT skills gap, increasing participation in computing course and making more graduates more employable.

The IoC brings together learning opportunities from HEIs, industry training and MOOCS. Learners’ achievements will be recorded in a personal portfolio validated through blockchain

The IoC is developing a radical new accreditation standard for degrees, which is aimed directly at the reported needs of industry. The standard departs significantly from the normal approach of a focus on a Body of Knowledge (BoK), and seeks to extend the learning journey from knowing how to and demonstrating capability to the development of competence. Courses meeting the standard will aim to deliver “week 1 billability” for graduates, addressing directly long-standing concerns of (particularly) SMEs.

The purpose of this workshop was:
• to gain specific feedback on several aspects of proposed standard
• to gather employer opinions of standard
• to test feasibility of standard with respect to HEI delivery

The immediate feedback gathered during the workshop is embedded in the slidedeck, and has informed the subsequent evolution of the standard.

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