Is there final devoicing in Spanish?

Bárkányi, Zsuzsanna (2014). Is there final devoicing in Spanish? In: Szigetvári, Péter ed. VLlxx: Papers in Linguistics. Presented to László Varga on his 70th Birthday. Tinta Könyvkiadó, pp. 279–288.



Why is this question interesting in the case of a language which hardly has any non-sonorant codas and in which voicing contrast is limited to stops? This article aims to be a tiny step in the research of pre-sonorant voicing, which — as discussed in §1 — is constrained to languages with final delaryngealization. We will answer the question raised above by the help of an acoustic analysis examining 6 native speakers’ laboratory speech the realizations of utterance-final /b/, /d/ and /g/ presented in §3 after giving a short introduction to the syllable structure of Spanish in §2.

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