Voicing assimilation at accentual phrase boundaries in Hungarian.

Mády, Katalin and Barkanyi, Zsuzsanna (2015). Voicing assimilation at accentual phrase boundaries in Hungarian. In: Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (Wolters, Maria; Livingstone, Judy; Beattie, Bernie; Smith, Rachel; MacMahon, Mike; Stuart-Smith, Jane and Scobbie, Jim eds.), The Scottish Consortium for ICPhS 2015, Glasgow, UK.

URL: https://www.internationalphoneticassociation.org/i...


The present study investigates the influence of
prosodic structure on pre-sonorant voicing in Slovak.
Our results demonstrate that prosodic boundaries as
well as accent interact in a meaningful way with
voicing assimilation. If a major boundary intervenes,
the role of accent is eliminated, while in other
contexts the presence of contrastive focus induces
less voicing. A novel finding of the study is that
sonorant consonants and vowels differ considerably
in this assimilation process. It is also demonstrated
that pre-sonorant voicing in Slovak is categorical but
optional and is close to being completely neutralizing

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