Assessment of the influence of using waste steel fibres in improving concrete flexural strength

Vazinram, F.; HajiSotoudeh, M. and Vakilifard, N. (2007). Assessment of the influence of using waste steel fibres in improving concrete flexural strength. Scientific-Research Journal of Concrete Technology (affiliated with Concrete International), 7 22-26 [Paper published in Persian].


Considering the impact of using waste steel fibers in improving concrete mortar behavior especially its tensile strength and ductility, in this research the main effective features of these fibers including length to thickness ratio, geometry (with or without hook), material, strength and coherence to mortar were studied. In order to study on the fibers produced from welding and milling, they had to be categorized according to thickness, strength and width ranges. At first stage, contaminates such as grease were removed from fibers; then the cleaned fibers were cut into lengths of 3-4 cm, meaning that approximately 30% of the total waste were suitable for the experiment.
In the experiments one specific mortar without any fiber was considered as an index. Other samples were made adding 1, 2, 3 and 5 of fiber weight percent to the mortar with properties similar to the index. Finally characteristics changes of the samples were determined through comparing with the index.
Although experiment results indicated that using waste steel fibers leads to significant improvement in concrete flexural behavior, application of industrial fibers fabricated in the factory is still the first
preference. This is mainly due to the possibility of producing industrial fibers with high quality materials and with uniform features especially tensile strength, length and thickness. On the other hand, quality control of material features of waste steel fibers is less than industrial fibers; thus the application of them is only recommended in low important structures and on a limited basis.

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