Study on effective processes in constructed wetland plants

Vakilifard, N.; Zare, M and Azizian, S. (2013). Study on effective processes in constructed wetland plants. In: The 1st National Conference on Protection of Wetlands and Aquatic Ecosystems, 2013, Shahid Mofatteh Professional and Technical University of Hamedan [Paper published in Persian].


Constructed wetlands are effective systems in wastewater treatment, improving storm water quality, flood control and groundwater recharge. Meanwhile plants, as one of the main components of wetlands, have the significant importance. In this research, biological and hydrodynamic processes of constructed wetlands related to plants were investigated. The study indicated that biological treatment through plants in wetland systems depends on plant type, root system and harvest season. In addition, investigation on the role of plants on hydrodynamic dispersion showed that their density and species (submerged or emerged), creation of different levels in wetland surface and morphological changes in depth impact on pollution dispersion.

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