Environment-Centric Safety Requirements forAutonomous Unmanned Systems

Luo, Yixing; Yu, Yijun; Jin, Zhi and Zhao, Haiyan (2019). Environment-Centric Safety Requirements forAutonomous Unmanned Systems. In: 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'19), 23-27 Sep 2019, Jeju, Korea, IEEE.


Autonomous unmanned systems (AUS) emerge to take place of human operators in harsh or dangerous environments. However, such environments are typically dynamic and uncertain, causing unanticipated accidents when autonomous behaviours are no longer safe. Even though safe autonomy has been considered in the literature, little has been done to address the environmental safety requirements of AUS systematically. In this work, we propose a taxonomy of environment-centric safety requirements for AUS, and analyse the neglected issues to suggest several new research directions towards the vision of environment-centric safe autonomy.

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