Investigation of the legislation of control effectiveness of labor of scientific groups

Orekhov, Viktor; Ramanau, Ruslan and Melnik, Michael (2018). Investigation of the legislation of control effectiveness of labor of scientific groups. In: 34th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development / 18th International Social Congress (ISC) (Maloletko, Aleksander; Rupcic, Natasa and Baracskai, Zoltan eds.), 18-19 Oct 2018, Moscow, pp. 669–678.


Based on ideas of systems analysis, this paper considers problems that reduce the effectiveness of work in the scientific sphere, including inefficient group work and critical thinking, have been identified. It is intended to resolve the identified problems, and to suggest ways of increasing the effectiveness of scientific work. System analysis was used due to awareness of the need to choose the most effective alternative for a complex, weakly structured system of scientific work. The authors identified 22 key concepts that affect the effectiveness scientific work and related it to both to individual productivity, and to results of group work and critical thinking. The ranking of concepts on the impact on labor efficiency has been carried out and their interrelations have been determined. The rationale for the humanistic model of the effectiveness of scientific activity is discussed in the light of the needs of modern management and labor economics, which affect the effectiveness of the national economy. The novelty of this work consists of holistic examination of scientific activity in relation to group work and critical thinking.

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