Linked Data for the Humanities: methods and techniques

Daga, Enrico and Gangemi, Aldo (2019). Linked Data for the Humanities: methods and techniques. In: Digital Humanities 2019: Complexities (Pierazzo, Elena and Ciotti, Fabio eds.), 8 Jul 2019, Uthrect.


So far, the impact of Linked Data in the Library and Cultural Heritage domain has been significant and testified by large scale efforts such as the one of Europeana. However, at a closer look, the impact of Semantic Web research on the Humanities has been discontinuous. Foundational techniques and methods developed by the SW community are still perceived as esoteric by many DH practitioners. In addition, more recent approaches have not been disseminated yet in the DH community. we propose a half-day tutorial on LD methods and techniques, to present the theoretical and technical foundations of Linked Data, to provide a reference collection of reusable tools to boost an effective adoption of LD in DH projects, and to showcase a set of innovative methods for extracting and linking data from texts.

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